A break-down of our Web-design Services

Here at Locko we are not all about building the best looking website for our clients instead we focus on building a website that can converting users into clients. You might have the best looking website but if it is not profitable then it is as good as nothing. Before we build website for you, our web design team conduct a Persona research. A persona research is all about understanding the characteristics and behavior of your ideal client. This will help us build a website that is focused on potential clients since they are likely to turn into actual clients.This approach makes us one of the best web design company in Zimbabwe. # web design in zimbabwe

We offer responsive and functional website build on WordPress platform for individuals, businesses, entrepreneurs, schools e.t.c. Our websites are responsive across all devices for example small phones, table, laptops even on a large TV screen. We build websites that are easy to  manage even for non-tech people.

Our web design team will host your website, help it start ranking on search engines and install all the necessary plugins to ensure that your website runs smoothly.

Service Outline.

Here is what you can expect from us.

  • Blogs

  • Business websites

  • E commerce/ Online shops sites like 10ngah.com

  • Corporate Websites.

Now let's start

  • You will give us the requested details 

  • We will receive your request

  • Then… we get back to you almost immediately

  • If you need further clarity Chat on WhatsApp

FROM ONLY:$200+ Bond

web design in zimbabwe


Email : lockodigital@gmail.com

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