Dylan Dzvene

How l ended up starting this agency.

Hie am Dylan Dzvene the owner and CEO of Locko Digital. I am 20 years old and currently doing my Computer Systems Engineering at MSU. Let me tell you my story so that you can get to know me better. Growing up l was just a normal boy but it all changed when l went to a currently $4000 private school in Masvingo (Kyle College), this was a huge achievement for my parents since there were only civil servants(father-policeman , mother-nurse). At this school l interacted with many pupils whose families were very rich and seeing them working harder than me at school motivated me.

One day l was talking with my friend at school, he was very intelligent and rich and he was telling me all his future plans and projects. There l was sitting next to him pretending like am listening but in reality l was now thinking about myself. As he was talking questions started popping in my head like “if he is this smart and rich and he is already planning about his life, what about me?” This was when l was in form 2 by the way.

From that talk on-wards, l started reading books on entrepreneurship and creativity like the famous Think big and go rich. You should read this book, it will change the way you see your life for the better. So in form 3 l failed to qualify for a class doing sciences, this was hard on me but this turned out to be a blessing for God. I was now doing commercials, l was very very  good a them and l also enjoyed doing them. Click here to see my O level results. During my form 4 holiday l fell in love with computer programming because l thought computer programming was the key to my dreams of being a successful entrepreneur. l continued doing programming during my A level period. After my As l decided to take a gap year, during this year l ran a chicken poultry business at home implementing my entrepreneurial skills and l made a lot of money.

My parents decided to stop the business because they wanted to invest into something else.So I started looking for opportunities online, how to make money online  to be specific. I knew people were making money form YouTube channels and blogs but l didn’t know how so l search it on google. I started learning about affiliate marketing, social media marketing , digital marketing and dropshipping by reading books. After reading l decided to take my online marketing educations to other level by enrolling in 2 course 1. digital marketing skills for Africa and 2. Affiliate marketing like a pro. These 2 course taught me a lot of things that you won’t find from a free eBook or YouTube videos.

I decided to start my own blog and try to make money online in Zimbabwe. Here is my blog on online entrepreneurship.

Am now earning from my blog by doing affiliate marketing. My blog is relatively new but l hope this year it will make more money. Don’t be fooled by my age am really good at what l do. I started this Company although its not yet registered to help other Zimbabweans to learn about online entrepreneurship. Looking forward to working with you.

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